Life at YWAM Sendai

Here is a glimpse of what life is like as a Sendai YWAMer.

Meeting Together

We have the following times set in the weekly schedule in order to build a sense of community within our team.

Community Meals

We believe there is something special about cooking and eating together. Currently, we eat two lunches and two dinners together every week. The whole community gets involved in buying groceries, cooking, and cleaning up. Its lots of fun, and a great way to get to know each other! We also celebrate birthdays and other occasions together too.

Small Groups

Once a week, we also meet in small groups. These are gender-based groups where we get together to pray, read the Bible and have fun getting to know each other!

Worship & Intercession

Every Monday morning from 9:00 to 11:00 we meet together for worship and a devotional to start the week. Every Wednesday from 13:30 to 14:30, we meet to interceed for what is on God's heart. We also worship and intercede on the streets of the red light district of Sendai (Kokubuncho) every Thursday evening.

Team Meeting

Every Friday from 15:30 to 16:30, we have our team meeting where we share testimonies, hear reports from the various ministry groups and departments, and note upcoming schedule-related things. We also pray for incoming and outgoing staff during this time also.

Time Management

As we are a new YWAM location, we do not currently have a lot going on in the schedule. Because of this, each staff member must manage their own time and take initiative. As a guideline, we ask that each person schedule around 35 hours of work-time per week. For those that are not fluent in the Japanese language, it is expected that up to half of this time be dedicated to learning the language, depending on fluency level. The YWAM Sendai leaders will assist each person in scheduling their time.

Time Away

This section details our policy on time away, holidays, and furlough.


All staff are encouraged to take one full day off per week. This is usually Saturday or Sunday. If staff have ministry related things planned on both of those days, they are encouraged to discuss a different time off on a weekday with the YWAM Sendai leaders.


As much as possible, we aim to take all Japanese national holidays off. This may not always be the case, especially during the running of schools. In this case, time off will be given after the school has graduated.

On top of these holidays, all staff are encouraged to take another 10 weekdays off each year. Time off should be discussed with the YWAM Sendai leaders.

Furlough / Home Assignment

It is important to communicate well with family, friends and supporters. As part of investing in these relationships, as well as for fundraising, it is important to travel back to the sending country periodically. This is different than a holiday as it requires intentionality and sharing about Japan with churches and individuals.

We recommend that all staff consider travelling to their sending country for between one to two months every two years.

Please discuss this with the YWAM Sendai leaders ahead of time.