This page acts as a description of the tools used within YWAM Sendai that we feel are important to realize the basic operation of an efficient community.

We always aim to streamline processes and transfer between tools if it increases transparency, security, usability or means being able to change a tool for an open-source alternative.


The YWAM Sendai community mainly communicates through (an open-source work chat application).

Link to our Riot community:

Riot tutorial for YWAM Sendai community members

  1. Log into or make a new user and go directly to the YWAM Sendai community.
  2. Join the YWAM Sendai community
  3. On the community page, click the gear icon on top slightly right and enable publish this community on your profile (you will get a cool YWAM Sendai flair when posting in one of our rooms on Riot from now on!)
  4. Join whichever rooms you like, all YWAM Sendai rooms can be found via main room search as well.

Short user manual and best practices

  • Address all people in a room with: @room
  • You can share rooms in chats with #roomname.
  • With standard room settings you will be able to invite other people to the room as a user
  • To make a new-line while typing, use shift-enter


If you run into any problems, or need to ask a question, find Gary on Riot